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Fleet washing

Hiring professional drivers is a top priority for any trucking company or fleet operator. Most organizations are always looking for a good driver with a proven safety record that is willing to care for the equipment and promote the company. A great way to recruit professionals is to maintain a good fleet of vehicles and keeping them clean is a big factor. 

Professional drivers expect a truck to be free of grease, mud, oil, bugs, and road film. They don't want to wash windows or mirrors, and they shouldn't have to wear gloves just to inspect their vehicle.  Power Wash Charlotte Fleet Washing Service can design a maintenance program that works for you and your drivers. Clean vehicles mean safer vehicles because the cleaner they are the easier they are to inspect and maintain — and to spot on the road. And vehicles last longer when a regularly scheduled Power Wash Charlotte fleet washing program safely removes dirt, grime, pollutants, and bugs. The drivers will be proud to be part of your fleet team.​

Whether your fleet consists of six vans or six hundred semi-tractor trucks, Power Wash Charlotte will work with you to customize a wash plan that fits your needs. Give us a call to learn more.

Fleet Washing Services

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