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Does Pollen Season Ever End In North Carolina?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

North Carolina is known for beautiful blue skies, sunshine, beaches, and mountains. What most people don't know is that pollen season exists approximately ten months out of the year, too.

There are the three major pollen seasons in Charlotte that cause many residents a lot of grief, especially allergy suffers.

  • Tree pollen season (March - June)

  • Grass pollen season (March - October)

  • Weed pollen season (September - Until the first frost)

Throughout the year, flowers, plants, and trees release pollen as part of their reproductive

process. Trees, grass, and weeds rely on wind to spread their pollen which creates most of the allergens in the air we breathe. Insects deliver pollen from flower to flower.

THE Top Tree Pollen Offenders In the Charlotte

In and around the Charlotte area, the top five pollen contributors are;

  1. River Birch

  2. American Beech,

  3. Hickory,

  4. Oak, and

  5. Yellow Poplar.

These species are native to Charlotte and can be found in every backyard and wooded area.

They start releasing their pollen in the air between March and June, with April being the peak season.

The Best Way to Minimize Allergies During Pollen Season

Assuming staying in the house for ten months out of the year is not an option, there are several things you can do to minimize the damage pollen can have.

  1. Calling a professional power washing company to remove pollen build-up will help keep your property free of pollen dust and any long-term damage to exterior surfaces. Depending on your area, and the pollen build-up you experience, you might consider having your house, roof, and gutters power washed multiple times.

  2. Remove any pollen dust from the interior and exterior of your cars and trucks. When pollen dust gets into the ventilation system it can remain there for a long time.

  3. Wear a mask when you go outside. We all hate to wear one, but due to Covid-19, no one really notices anymore.

The bottom line is the North Carolina pollen season is a force of nature we all must live with. We know it's coming, and the best way to fight back is to be prepared.

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