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The Real "Appeal" of 
Curb Appeal

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Some might argue that "it's what's on the inside that matters". But when the exterior of the home is not well maintained, it's a good indication that the inside might not be maintained either. In this case, a potential buyer might take into consideration the potential additional costs associated with the property.

Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the importance of preparing their home before they put it up for sale. That's where Power Wash Charlotte can help you and the homeowner prepare for a quick sale.

the Top 5 Reasons

Why Curb Appeal is Important

1. The First Impression factor

A home’s curb appeal is the first thing buyers will notice when they arrive at the property, so it’s important that you make it as appealing as possible. That first impression is critically important, as it instantly sets the tone for the rest of the tour. If buyers are not impressed by your home’s outside appearance, it will likely have an effect on how they view the rest of your property.

2. It reflects what the Inside of the home will look like

The state of a home’s exterior is likely to match the interior. Meaning if the outside of the property has not been maintained, buyers will automatically assume that the interior is in the same condition. 

3. A picture says a 1000 words

99% percent of homebuyers between the ages of 23 and 56 now use the Internet to find homes during the buying process, even when they are working with a realtor. Prospective buyers no longer have to physically see a home to have an opinion on it's curb appeal. 

Thankfully, your clients can rely on your guidance to achieve good curb appeal.

4.  Curb appeal will increase the perceived value of a property

When a potential buyer drives past the property for the first time, a well-maintained property will increase the perceived value of your home. That perception will not only get potential buyers to view the inside of the home but will also increase the perceived value of the property. 

5. No curb appeal can instantly turn away buyers

There are plenty of buyers who won’t even step foot in a home if they’re unimpressed by the exterior. Bad curb appeal can really turn away buyers and make them no longer consider your home a good option for their family. Additionally, buyers will compare your home’s curb appeal to others around it. So, if your listing doesn’t stand out in a positive way when compared to homes around it, buyers may become uninterested before they even see the inside. 

you deserve the best

We Can Be There When You Need Us

  • We have the manpower and equipment to be on-site when you need us.

  • We work days, evenings, and weekends.

  • Whether you need us tommorow, next week or next month, we'll be there to serve you.

We Believe In Building Lasting Relationships

  • We believe that strong relationships require these fundamentals:

    • Trust

    • Good communication

    • Compromise  

  • We have over 25 years of experience in pressure washing residential and commercial properties.. 

  • We offer competitive pricing.

  • If you have a budget, let us know. You are more important to us than a few dollars.

  • We are happy to provide  references upon request.

We Believe In Investing In Our Employees

  • Our technicians attend safety training courses.

  • Our technicians are trained and tested on the handling & disposal of chemicals.

  • Our technicians receive on-going Wastewater Management training.

  • Our technicians receive ongoing local & state EPA regulation training.

  • Our technicians are provided company work attire and can easily be identified on the job site.

We Are Flexible And Want To Make Your Job Easier

  • We can help by managing budgets and schedules.

  • We are committed to submitting accurate bids and documentation to meet your deadlines.

  • We'll pick up the phone, respond to your emails, text messages, and voicemails promptly.

  • Our equipment is commercial-grade which enables us to:

    • be more efficient. 

    • offer a wider range of services.

    • safely clean any surface.

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How can we help you today? 

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