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Why do I need to have my roof and gutters cleaned?

Your roof is your home's primary defense shield.  It protects your belongings from rain, wind, ice, and the occasional snow. It goes without saying that regular roof and gutter cleaning is critical to protecting everything that resides underneath it, including you, and your family.

Did you know that most homeowner insurance policies now require Proof of Maintenance before they will payout a roof damage claim? Learn more

We Use Soft Wash Technology on Roofs, Gutters and Siding

Power Wash Charlotte uses a soft wash cleaning process that gently removes black streaks, and neutralizes algae and moss on roofs and gutters. Not only does our process restore the appearance of your roof and gutters, but it also helps prevent future damage and erosion to the surface.


Eliminate Black Streaks


Protect Against Costly Repairs


Maintain Property Value

Roof & Gutter Services

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