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The difference between power, pressure, and soft washing

Each of these cleaning techniques was designed to effectively clean different types of surfaces, and different levels of embedded containments. Each serves a definitive benefit when trying to accomplish a surface cleaning goal, and there is a misconception that they are the same.

Here is a quick reference tool that explains the different techniques, and can help decide which service is best for your project:

Should I Hire a Professional Power Washing Company or Do It Myself?

Portable pressure washing machines are available everywhere. The price is typically based on the PSI output, the more PSI the more they cost, and can range from $300 to $2,500. They all come with instructions, but they don’t come with training and experience. To best answer this question you should consider these factors before deciding to do it yourself:

*Please note that the following examples reference residential applications. The commercial market has also experienced similar increases.

#1 The cost of building materials has skyrocketed over the past two years.

The cost to replace concrete: As of July 2022, the average national cost of delivered concrete was $117 a square yard*. To put that into perspective, the cost to replace a 16x16 residential concrete slab is approximately $2,100. That includes concrete, delivery, and labor.

The average cost to hire a professional power washing company to clean a 16x16 concrete slab is $250.est

The cost to replace an asphalt roof: In June 2020 the average cost for a bundle of 30-year shingles was $26.00, as of May 2022, the average cost for the same product is $36.00. To put it into perspective, the material cost to cover a 2,000 sq. ft. home in 2020 would cost approximately $1,600. In today’s market, the same product will cost $2,350. Please remember that those costs are for material only, and do not include labor, delivery, or additional material charges.

The average cost to soft wash a residential roof is .40¢ per square foot. e. Benefits

#2 There is no indication that building material costs will go down. As consumers, we know prices will not come down once the market adjusts to higher prices. The only scenario in which prices would drop is an economic catastrophe, which nobody wants.

#3 Calling a professional is not as expensive as you might think. Once you weigh out the cost of purchasing a pressure washer that can deliver the results needed, the time it takes for you to learn to operate the equipment and clean the surface, possible material replacement costs, and the possibility of doing more damage than good – it’s worth your time to at least call a professional cleaning company for an estimate. A reputable company will provide an estimate at no cost.

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